A Wish For A Room

…craved attention,
then blinded by perceived fame,
lost in self mind games,

disappeared therefore,
to a far concrete jungle,
to become precious,

knowledge turn useless,
in a tongue only fit to,
crave more attention…

…a far cry from true,
suspicious reality,
of a lost young soul…

…craved attention,
a dream of a jungle home,
in a city box,

at war with peace, ruined to experiment,

this shall be exactly the fruit of a wish.

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Ben left the little village up north as soon as he turned 25. He worked double shifts for years saving up money while trying to avoid his drunk parents and the gossiping people around town. He just wanted to get away and start over. There’s still evenings where he can’t believe he actually made it. The joy from greeting strangers at the bar or just looking out at the breathtaking city lights made his heart swell with joy. It was a new year and what a beginning.⁣⁣⁣


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