Selfish Sleep

Father, Father, what do you mean?

Why do you have that sleepy face?

Contort for everyone, be on the team,

You’re to stay here until death in place,

Father, Father, will you come back?

Why don’t you answer my calls?

Even though this is my first time,

You have to be there for it all,

Daughter dear, I tire in pain,

Rest, rest assured that I live more for you,

Can I even hope for your understanding?

Will your church preach of me well?

Daughter dear, I’ve gone on only to work,

My senses are labour, my mind stays true,

Will you answer my calls to you?

Was your fervour just once?

Will my demons shadow out my memory?

Was there any good seed sown?

My heart aches for you from far away,

Daughter dear, I’ve gone to make a home.

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