When we brush our teeth, is there a best rhythm or system; are we conscious at all?


I think I do; well I have two. As of recently, I really have to. In early November, 2015, after returning from a weekend in Belize City, I had dental surgery. I extracted my four wisdom teeth (not sure I’m any wiser or dumber for doing it). The two bottom ones were exiting in the wrong direction and their positions were affecting the entire lower set as well as my gum line. The upper ones were not as bad, neither were they perfect. I had gotten used to visiting the dentist over the past year, for cleaning and capping a toothing, the chair didn’t scare me. And now that I have pulled teeth I have an even greater appreciation for orthodontology. Now I have space where teeth were suppose to be and I have to take extra care to prevent odour, accumulation, and to heal. Before I would speed brush, do a tongue over, and finish with breath check. My new routine divides my mouth into sectors, includes new maneuvers, and timing. Those necessary minute changes has had a profound effect on the rest of my life too.


It has always been the little things that count. Life has as much pattern as it has spontaneity.




There is a system in everything. Whether we are building empires, working for the man, doing laundry or pulling out a tooth; there are dos and don’ts, ways and means, and in and outs. Form follows function, systems defines your results.


I have been, for the most part, the Sponge Bob of my circles and cycles. I soak up everything around me, trying new things while thriving on my burger flipping budget. I learn by the way, from the people and experiences I come in contact with. Much like Bob, I am a happy go lucky fellow even in my rather slow stubborn moments and in the end things work out for the better. My most treasured mental habit I absorbed by the way, in my first real job after college, which is: “Everything is as easy as 1, 2, 3.”


So what is the best system? Is our way of doing things working? We can get better, right?

How about doing things in threes.

workspace1. Write them down or log them in. Do a little of both if you have to; that why we have pens, pencils, notepad, and smart devices. Keep yourself reminded and on track

2. Think it through and plan. Then do it now. Allow for clear, thorough processing without staying stuck in design. Sometimes you will end with a Steve Harvey moment, but a sincere apology and a clear conscience will do for those mishaps. It’s all in the execution and the timing, and there is no better time than the present.

3. Don’t try to do more than one thing at a time. Commitment and communication are key and door to your success. Stay true to you, to your goal, and let the world know the real you regularly; there will be no confusion when you do you, when you do it right. Let your passion breathe into every task, project, and enjoy the moments. Don’t try to overdo anything, afford each its own in due season. Get it done in its time and let it go. 

Bunch of gerbera flowers and photo frame
Bunch of gerbera flowers & photo frame on a wooden table, with all the other worries…


Be in control of your life and live. Let your perfume resonate and leave its impression, everyone may not like it and that is fine. Some will take their time to admire its realness. Either way it is none of your concern, you have way too much living and loving to do. So take it all in stride. Store up, as much as you need, you will be doing a lot of sharing. Most importantly cherish every last bit, and rest well.

P.S. I do intend to post more, I have been writing a great deal in my diaries. This particular entry was to me edited for resubmission to e… but life happened. This is me, sticking to number 3. Go extract yourself, brew yourself anew, and savor each moment.

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