They gathered in excitement,
So little known,
Nothing seems to be making sense,
Not like they were very sensible to this,
…suppose everything doesn’t have to,

Strokes of bewilderment,
All these intellects collide,
All the judgements abide,
And they huddle together,
A little bit of mocking,
Lots of laughing,

And then there were the questions,
Mostly all unanswered,
Hard to trust the dissimilar,
Even when you spent time together,
Familiarity never assures friendship,
Nor friendship to comfort,
The better things need exposure,

Awed until inlove,
Walks down memories lanes,
There used to be a lot of fear here,
A whole lot of power struggles,
So now emptiness is fitting,
Now maybe you can fill up,
Find peace in the aftermath,

Silence more welcomed,
So calmness embraced,
Some think the protests led to this,
Fighting themselves in the process,
We don’t have to agree to goodbyes.


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