Mixed Feeling

Moistens lips as eye to eye is cemented,

Instinctively smiles gloss faces,

And as if to break from the expected,

Etching words hit the bottom of her heart;

Nunca,Nunca, Nunca… has he ever seen beauty such as hers

They were different, they could tell;

Lines like these have never been crossed before

The possibility of greatness aroused,

rising as a rocket from its floor,

Shooting heavenly, perky with joy;

The safe bliss of silence sparkled into a paradise of speech,

Que lastima…why hadn’t we met

Could they handle the surprises of union?

Is the jump too much for ones who desired only to get feet wet?

Are their future days yet numbered & what of their past?

Can she make lemonade from these lemons?

Will he steal the sweet milk from her chocolate?

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

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