Due to vs. owing to

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LOTS of people use the phrases “due to” and “owing to” more or less interchangeably, but in many cases the use is back to front in structure.

I’m not going to give you the grammatical distinction between the two.

Instead I’ll give you the practical usage difference, which will be more helpful.

Unhappiness is usually due to ignorance of natures laws (via 4chan)

Both due to and owing to pretty much articulate in some way to “because of” but in this manner:—

due to

Due to is in the sense of attributable to something:—


Memory aid:— “D.C.” — “Due to Cause”

Extra memory aid:— Sentence always finishes with the ‘result.’


Unemployment [situation] due to automation [cause] will grow steadily [result].

Game cancelled due to rain will resume tomorrow instead.

Due to / Owing to weather, school closed for today.


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