Choosing Names

All the fluff in the world couldn’t compare,
All the disappointments didn’t dare,
All follows through everyday, everywhere,

The blues of missing,
Oh how normal used to be a bore,
Until you don’t have that anymore,
All that you have now is wishing,

The pure white delight,
Of all the parties, and all the reasons,
Everyday is the same now, even the seasons,
Well for those who have lock in their sight,

Growth continues, nights, and days,
Tick tock tiktok, getting lost in the Amazon?
If anything divides have widened, will we ever get along?
We surely haven’t lost our animalistic ways,

Curl up in a ball, and roll around in joyous release,
Nibble away until food is served,
Decide if your blessed or cursed,
Whatever you do, find peace.

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