Metztli – Black Moon

There’s a light,

that now carries my soul,

unworthy yet blessed,

an outpouring to the moon,

and unto us a goddess was born;

Love has wrapped itself,

unwilling to let go,

knowing the darkness that surrounds,

…that infects the wholes around,

…that break even diamonds down;

My precious little monster,

to thee I thus plea,

keep me active, until sore,

keep me woke, unto tears,

relieve me of my fears,

for they have become a comfort,

haunt me instead to my freedom,

Long restless nights,

your wait was not in vain,

take pride in being alone,

thrive in your loneliness,

 welcome the milky way,

the star has shown us how to twinkle;

Won’t you glow to light one world?

Can you hear the chant of the ancestors?

Do you understand the being you must become?

El nacimiento de Metztli E400G. by ah-puch-zegno


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