Diosito Mio


Paths crossed away from home,

Making the best of time,

Restaurant bars are ever swarming with guile,

Compeled to rescue a sweet child,


The waters called,

Of a tropical coast,

Let your hair down by the roast,

Enjoy the fresh catch,

Show me your sobriety,

Dive into all and sing,


Musical museums beckons,

Private buses, and guided tours,

Try it once and be sure,

Live is worth the ever more,


There is a old great house,

Have the ice cream there,

Walk here lawns,

Run in the rain,

Feel her charm,


Lay with love anew,

Or lust ’til it grows,

Maybe he’ll follow you the rest of your days,

Who knows?


Change in the best ways ,

Never forget your real,

Watch movies, and ber serenaded in parks,

Take the longest walks afterdark,


Somewhere in all that living,

Forever living is all there is,

To let your reel unwind,

Is the reason of the wind.



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