I was 25 years..


Before shouting days have their way,

They bundle together all in array,

Becoming weeks, yet weaker one grows,

Then months, and years before one knows.


GC cover

So here’s to a few announcements of our Days & Futures:

  1. If you hadn’t noticed we are growing: we have a Facebook Page, and an online school; please do show your support.
  2. We bought our domain name and are now at livinwithme.net
  3. Oh  and I will be posting free e-books, audiobooks, and the like on a more regular basis; and cool links to other free stuff like: fourhourworkweek.com

Oh 25 years old is a good age to be. I was there a minute ago…

…and I really love that new Adele album, and I will share my Target Deluxe copy with you next post.

But today I will share with you something I think every young adult should have, really anyone with a future, and yes it’s free [note to self: must not use the word free so much in one post].

Now considered a classic self-help book, As a Man Thinketh’s underlying premise is that noble thoughts make a noble person, lowly thoughts make a miserable …


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