Cute Little Baby

She climbed his shoulders,

All the way up ’til she touched his head,

A whole new whole away from the shed,

“Oh how beautiful those boulders,”

He chuckled at her discovery,

Of all the things to see,

Not the flowers and trees,

Nor her friends afar at ease,
A beautiful challenge it is,

Worth the escape, worth the climb,

The view adrift in the mist,

“Let us go there, where the sun shines,”

… Living in a garden house,

She knew flora and fauna well,

But no grand rocks that shone,

Just imagine all the stories to tell…

 In a world unknown, 

its secrets may share, 

if completely you are there,
Otherwise the jester you will meet,

Kindness is easy to clown,

Yet deserved if you are in gown,

And a twist in your sheet,

“Cute little baby,”

“Thanks the first of few,”

“Please stay close eyed and true,”

“For thirty or more maybe.”

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