All Signs Point To Yes

Elan Mudrow


I must be complex

A blender

With many settings

Making soup

As well as crushing ice

Or I’m an idiot,

Simple like

A 2 x 4

Capable of structure

And that’s about it

I must be deep

An uncharted ocean

Full of valleys

And beings undiscovered

Currents and streams

Tides and reefs

Or I’m a raindrop

Just one drip

In a world of


Broken upon impact

I must be a door

Opening into rooms

That become choices

Producing endless means

Of Thought

New pathways

Or I’m a corn maze

Just a bunch of stalks

In a field

One way in

One way out

And you have

To pay for it

Probably, all of the above

For now…

Final decision

Is still hazy

Try again later.

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