We Are Struck

Elan Mudrow

the little prince

Time is involved with our embraces

As if the length of holding one another

Measures the weight of our affection

The tightness of our hugs produces passions–

Passions filled with a gravity of attraction

Not just of Earth and moon, but a solar system

Spinning in a forever twirl of infatuation

Creating fools with feet stuck to the ground

Apples fall, striking our yearning heads

As if aimed from the trees, which recognize the bloom

And blush, throbbing candy fruit seeds of our hunger

Moist in mouth, We crave the taste of heated sugar

As if Venus were vanilla and Mars, marshmallows

S’more amore, together, in gooey entanglement.

We are struck with each other, from now on

By Scott Gustafon By Scott Gustafon

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