Auto-Immune Disorders, Depression and Stress

by +Cheryl Ann MacDonald 

❋   The diseases of the autoimmune system affect approximately 14–22 million people in the United States and reveal a weighty biological, psychological, sociological and financial hardship to the country’s health care system.

❋   The strain imposed by these illnesses includes a high cost to everyone especially to those afflicted with an illness that associates with having a lower quality of life that includes co-morbid mental distress, particularly depression and anxiety. 

❋   There are more than 80 known types and their evolution becomes a diagnosis the moment the immune system launches an attack on healthy cells.  An illness of the autoimmune system occurs when the body’s immune system attacks in error and destroys healthy body tissue.T

❋   There is an evolving new field called psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), which integrates features of immunology, psychology, and neurology incorporating many other sciences. This specialization attempts to understand the communications between the immune system, the central nervous system, and psychological/sociological conditions. 

For a few tips on learning how to avoid, the diseases and treatments click here

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