Why Would We?

Why Would We


Across the table,

Flashing glances,

Awkward anxieties,

Silence, space, realities,

Our firsts exchanges,

Why would we?

As I wrestle free of slumber,

I am greeted by you,

At home in my bed,

I couldn’t help but stare,

Makes my mind meander,

Why would we?

We disappeared together,

Into a world I knew well,

For the thrills you sought,

Against our wills we fought,

But to the night we lost,

Why would we?

We had to lie together,

There were vistas to see,

Mountain views,

Unimaginable hues,

The ocean and paradise,

Why would we?

Spend as much time,

As much as we could steal,

To explore a new world,

Of music, museum,

Of gifts, and souvenirs,

Why would we?

Believe this to be,

More than lust lingering,

Spirits speaking,

Sea seduction,

Travelers trophies,

Why would we?

We do, do we?

See the more in our eyes?

The future in our skies?

The journey in arms?

The kisses forever warm?

Why would we?


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