Dear Mr. Puppeteer will you pull my strings?
With brains and heart you pull them well
The audience is delighted and I am rewarded
With a slice of fools cake and a glass of idiocy
I’ll eat and drink and be thankful Mr. Puppeteer
For you have taught me well
No tears to cry, though eyes are there
No duct was made, no heart was craved

Dear Mr. Puppeteer, when I’m broke and done
Will I be placed in Pinocchio’s box?
Or tossed aside for a termite’s meal
I would rather perform with you
But that is not my fate
Instead wrap me and package me
Make me a present for a little girl’s house
There I shall be, there I’ll be loved
With Barbie and friends I shall dwell
Dear Mr. Puppeteer I hope your show does well
I love you dearly sir though puppets can’t love
So drop me a string and a stage to dance
Or I’ll be damned

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