Old Night Owl


Thereafter hath began with conclusion for supper
My eyes seemed weary only one star protruded from the galaxy
End to new has risen and black to white was now insight

I’ve seen the moth before on many a dark horizon
Approached me you did shy moth, you were gray in nature
Both inside and out forever shone brightly you have,
Friend of the night
Worry not that bat in circle, it keeps its distance
Like it too, I’m proud of their presence and my outstretched hand
Wished for that graceful pitch
The cats stray quietly in the cinnamon grass and peppermint leaves
Streetlights clear, red, orange, and the like
Stoplight hits green
You’ve accepted the petition my dear friend
Allowed you have the bat to stay, I now dance in the array of my friends’ glory
My friends are alike still different the same
Moth is a known dark horse and remains elusive and hidden in size
New friend of you will you create havoc as my moth thought of you?
Black you are in appearance but I refuse to believe
Believe that you are just as thy presence speaks
Do thy words fool me or is it my ear that doesn’t accept the obvious as truth?
Friends you are by species eternally entangled by the paths we fly.

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