A Fool’s Paradise


I am alone in myself,
Alone in a world filled with headaches and pains waiting for love searching for happiness,

Alone I thought until you came, Yes I remember the day,
I remember you though strange at first,
Filled with secrets and mysteries, The intensity of it all grew with each pressing day,
So many questions, yet not a spoken word,

Alone I thought until you spoke, not with words falling off your golden tongue but with the most majestic smile with the most captivating gaze from eyes that beckon me to take you,
One opportunity I would leap out,
but I remain hesitant,
cramped in posture  bound by chains of uncertainty,

Alone I still wait to hold you,
to squeeze you yes,
I won’t pondering what to say,
to do how to get licentious acts flutter through my mind with blazing gaze and subdued persona,
To hear those words to seize the moment,
I’ll be forever a fool in a paraside.

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