“To All My Facebook Friends”

Are We Really Friends?

My Life As An Aspiring Software Engineer

How long has it been
Since we last
I mean
Really talked
If we talked
At all?
What I mean is
And I think you
Will agree with me
On this
What I mean is
A conversation
Mediated by
Social media
Screens and
Profile photos
Isn’t really a
Conversation is it?
I wish we could
Longer time
Just talking, you know?
Maybe we could
Lie on top
Of a roof at night
And gaze at the
Stars while
Talking about
Our dreams?
Maybe we could
Sit on a bench
Where there are
Trees and ponds
Or lakes and
Children playing
And talk about
Anything and everything
Under the sun?
Write to me
For I’m never online
Let me know
I am just here

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