I’d Like To Think It’s Okay To Dream


As I wrapped away in comfort with eyes closed, to reminisce on the miracles to come, thoughts are aplay before I sleep.

The nip was rather greasy, and I curl knowing that my tummy will have no interest in rest. I haven’t had much interest in much these days, grown weary of dailies. I considered running away but I figured the food would be bad anywhere around here. I’d have better luck on the high seas or overseas. I am ripe for it now.

I’ve been chilling indoors the past few weeks. Catching some normalcy. Looking into things.


I bet my boys must be thinking I’ve hit my head. Tell you the truth, I really needed to break up with the person I had become. Working those alleyways had really taken a toll on me. I was getting sick and tired, and these felines coming into my space was making it worse. What can I say though, I don’t make it easy for myself with all this sexy fluff. People. Still not my favourite things. Was losing control too, peed myself, forgetting stuff, and the list goes on. I had been breaking my own rules too often, lost two babies, and the joy of playing with my ball.

Time for a change.


I want to get married and have a son. I want a ranch to go frolicking about. I want something else to do daytime. Those three things will, in reverse order, do. That’s not too much to ask, I think it’s okay to dream.

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