Yard Sale

I saved all the love letters I have ever gotten,
In a drawer that is falling apart,
The whole dresser is falling apart,
A part of me is very much stuck with the forgotten;

I gave away much of the gifts I took from lovers,
Many pretty soon after getting them,
So that drawer is pretty bare with things,
Too much still remains, all over my where the heart is, of lovers;

Before I do laundry, there is some cleaning I need to do,
A freshness I need to create for my survival,
A harmony anew, that sleeping in my bed is my day’s final,
We need to get rid of over thing I saved that reminds me of you;

Firstly these windows to my soul need to be opened more often,
I need to fix a few, I’m sure they are shuttered for good reason,
Sunlight and air, closets and fear, a summery season,
Let’s hope I don’t burst into flame, a comfort couch of control can be a coffin;

So here goes nothing, here goes everything that’s not,
Not something I need from then for my now,
Not something to help with my future how,
Everything that’s not, come take it or not,

Everything must go…

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