Undecided Thoughts : Professionalism In The Workplace by Jason Ricardo …

Undecided Thoughts : Professionalism In The Workplace by Jason Ricardo …: Professionalism In The Workplace All professions have a workplace; one would think it safe to assume therefore that professionalism is …

All professions have a workplace; one would think it safe to assume therefore that professionalism is part and parcel. Woe to the assumer and double woe to anyone believing that the place gives birth to the ‘ism. However, whenever the work is to be done, the greater the professionalism the higher the success.

Professionalism is all encompassing. The workplace is a fusion of environment, resources, and culture; the ideal setup provides for and responds to the human resources in the pursuit of maximum output. Each aspect is held to a high standard, though we often think of the workers alone, to achieve the quality of the outcome desired. In a nut shell: Location is the where, Mission is the why, Vision is the future, and Professionalism is the how.
Of everything we’ve highlighted so far the human resource is the most important, and our focus and the sure fix to most workplace issues is the professional worker. So let us define professionalism in relation to the right person for the job.
Professionalism:  is the expertness, status, methods, character or standards expected of a professional, such as reliability, discretion, evenhandedness, and fair play.

How does that translate into an actual being? We’ll zone in on the top 5 areas where being a pro is key:
1.      Dress & Grooming: Look the part, be the face. Adopting and maintaining the appropriate image and attire empowers you for success whilst identifying you with what you do.

2.      Knowledge: Know what you do, be the voice. Be the encyclopedia, reference manual, subject matter expert and bull horn of your field; consume the data and be the source of what’s relevant.

3.      Practice: Master the skills, be the example. It is not enough to look the part and know the part, one must be. Perfect your skills, share the craft, teach the learner, improve and innovate.

4.      Attitude: Carry the load, inspire the work. What you take to battle is as important as well you fight; model the right, be the code of ethics, champion the cause.

5.      Competence: GET THE JOB DONE. When every factor is equated, the result is the proof; complete the task well, on time, every time.
Oh, these are just the top 5 areas; there’s so much more. Feel free to share your experiences and related insights. Comment and join the conversation.

By Jason Ricardo Thomas 

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