Today I Destroy The Dam, Today I Recycle The Restraints

I really considered a couple strong decisions last week. As always I tested without permission, and failures were handed out. You’re almost certain to get a certain result when you fix the rules. The process was as always an unfair series of eliminations, because the undesirables weren’t meant to be there in the first place. I hope though that there will be no more of these eliminations, and as with this new resolve new actions must follow.

I crave a grand surprise, an encapsulating everlasting newness, though I haven’t left much garden space in my forest. Life can become such a controlled ecosystem of inputs, forecasts, adjustments and contingencies. For life to be truly magically, your living yes your every sense must be alive in unison. It is not enough to work, and be disciplined dead. Come alive, love, breathe, smell, taste, hear, see, feel. Everyday.

Don’t wait any longer. Live your very best life today.
Don’t hold your happiness hostage waiting for some imagined perfect circumstance to come along. Choose to be happy, joyful and truly thankful for the moment you’re in.
You deserve a life that is magnificent. And you deserve to let yourself live it right now.
Don’t put off until someday the richness that you can live on this very day. Remind yourself what a fantastic opportunity you have, and go with it.
You can add unique beauty to life, so do it now. You can live in harmony with your highest vision, so do it now.
This very day, this very place is where you have the good fortune of being. Live it fully, with love, with commitment, with joy and grace, and live it now.
— Ralph Marston

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