Pretense etches tattoos to remind me of the man I ought to be, so I’ll fake it ‘til I make it. Until I make it to you, inspire me naturally.

Silence calms me into thinking, thinking into dreaming. I love to dream up this magical world of ours. Where my broken pieces fit perfectly.

Patience keeps me growing limbs, branches for my new and returning birdies to come singing by. I can hold there songs, grasping longingly.

Yet I sigh for the pretense wasted, the silence that cowered, and patience that led me slow. I got here in one peace of mind, but not of me.

I had my worlds believing never correcting my erring, preferred to just use them as though planned light years in advance. #SoSaysTheRealMe

Truly though, I’m just a man of two parents with five siblings. Grown up by televisions, radios, and people in buildings. #SoSaysTheRealMe

I wished I’d come out more all along, and when I believed I came along. I did everything I said before, some after saying. #SoSaysTheRealMe

Nowadays I just freestyle life and live by my word. Happily helping and giving away knowing even I am wasting away too. #SoSaysTheRealMe

I’ve accepted that we all meet some type of end, and I wish to go quietly then to a painless rest. This is the real JRT #SoSaysTheRealMe

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