Wonder Wanders

Craving a fleeting cloud,
Promising storm,
Rainy day sweet,
Thundering lightning,
Long ravenous intentions,
Memories and fantasies,
Admittedly I may pour,
Maybe I’m not meant to land here.

Nomads know better,
They’ve ran deserts,
Brought laughter to oases,
Always searching,
This they prefer,
Certain discoveries,
Disappointments taught best.

Many hoods,
Child, neighbor, false,
Dreams quickly met reality,
Foolishly distracted,
Some things you can,
Others you go through,
You must learn to spell,
Pronounce your future.

Feeling beautiful,
Beautiful birds,
Birding music,
Music soothes,
Soothe me you do,
Until I turn off feeling,
Many dark rooms have bulbs,
Many switches unfounded,
Awaiting energy.

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