Things You Should Know

For a hot minute all I wanted was you,
I’m all in from the first sense of you,
There are many of us in here,
Every new sensation gets a lot of attention;

There’s always more to life than wants,
Though they create quite a stir,
The back and forths about her,
There is a need for everything, even the cants;

I’ve found a way to get to things,
To leap walls and barriers,
Even if just to peek at what goes in the seat, or feeds the young,
Maybe I’ll get a early try of her canal,
It’s just the way I’ve gotten away;

There can be expectations unknown,
Not to worry ‘bout them unless you can’t live up in their neighbourhood,
It’s not like I won’t tell you everything,
I’m sure you don’t know what to ask,
You’ll be too busy feeling anyway to think;

One thing’s for sure,
I don’t want anything I don’t have,
I don’t question things I don’t know,
I don’t give away things I don’t use,
You’ll find that it is the miracle of you,
More than I’ve adored before,
Taking to a forever more…

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