Against Nature’s Wish

Creep first, walk later, the beginning of motion,

One step, two step, run, run, run, nature’s joy,

Mumble first; speak later, the out pour of creation,

Conform now child, be like me, choose now, nature’s ploy,

Grown I was to love and cherish,

Small mercies afforded to never squander, forever relish,

Opportunities when sighted grasp quickly like a season’s first,

Always do as you’re taught, the rules never change,

Is it nature or change that giveth birth to the ills of society?

Areth’ not a sin to blame, on which to take aim and fire,

Many a truth remains hidden beyond nature’s folly,

Why did you go along with the call of from the dark?

Is the darkness so bright that your very judgement is misused?

Have you fallen prey to the desire from within?

The love from your soul’s heart warn you of imminent danger,

Is the pull as strong as for you to bear the pain?

The wounds inflected are they worth the cause?

Have you forgotten thy own mouth’s counsel?

Conforming to the norm is now forever lost, the spell has been cast,

The unforgivable sin commute,

The very rope to safety you denied,

A friend you’re who’ve jumped boat,

Is thou like a fallen ship in life’s battle?

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