After The Rains Came

I’m oozing now I cant stop

Come live by me or close in that tree top

Or by my shore like flowers bloom

Before I’m dry again soon

Feel my running waters glide along the rocks

I will soon get them smooth or leave them with cracks

I’ll green you and oh how I love

To give you my name and feed you dove

Soar down by my springs, delight in my flory

Stay awhile and fill up no rush no hurry

And if go you must come back soon

Bring your little ones and friends too

Sit by me and spread out there is room

Sing to me, in your own voice, a tweet coo

There are little wiggles here just by the banks

I hope you enjoy it, no need to say thanks

So its a date the then tomorrow before dawn

I hope you will try, I have waited too long

For a reason to flow down this path again

I’m yours now please don’t be too long

Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas

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