Holy Sh*t Marriage Proposal of the Day: Crazy Russian Alexey Bykov wanted his girlfriend ”to realize how life would have no meaning without me.” 

So the 30-year-old hired a movie director, stuntmen, make-up artists, and a script writer to stage a car crash in which he “died.” 

Naturally, Irena Kolokov lost it when she saw the carnage:

We’d arranged to meet at a certain place but when I arrived there were mangled cars everywhere, ambulances, smoke, and carnage. Then when I saw Alexy covered in blood lying in the road. A paramedic told me he was dead and I just broke down in tears.

But that was the moment Bykov had been waiting for — the dead man jumped to his feet and proposed. 

“I was so cross I almost killed him again, but for real this time,” Kolokov said. 

Fortunately for Bykov, she eventually forgave him and the couple were married last week. 

“I think it worked  but I promise it’s the last time,” he said. 


And she married him? 

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