You There

When did you find yourself
Amidst this this rubble of fallacy
Do you remember how old you were
Were you younger then about twelve

This feeling of eagerness did it consume you too
Did you play a lot and loved  when it rained
So you could get lost in the showers relief
Tricked no more by parents of how Santa was true

Was it later on down the road
After the first time you felt your heart explode
Those lies got you good didn’t they
And so you learned to forgive the little toad

Crying out loud did you do that a lot
When everything else failed
Did you scream out and weep
Alone in a faraway parking lot

The special one did she help much
To figure out why it didn’t hurt
When you cut yourself with glass
And lied with your eyes and every touch

I want to know I’m wondering still
How come I haven’t found fortune
But only lie about all these trills
Tell me soon before I take this pill

                                 Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas

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