For Forever

What a way to introduce yourself
Delapidatingly cold
Topping a stomach ache
Of this this is surety
Time moves slower as you wait
And quicky as you sleep
And waiting always feel eternal

I pitch black all shine
Some resound in union
Others fade
Few resist
Even fewer show their few true colors

As I stare at your glow
I realized how much you’ve grown
On me, this person I’ve become
A wonder for a wanderer
Shells, sea, shocks, and rain

I often wish, to wish
To feel, to steal, to be
Whatever would be suit me best
Wherever I ‘d find a chest
Future growth
Present tense
Past lessens

What you are for me,
I’m not for you.
The world aint perfect
so I’ll hold on to my piece,
I need peace for this journey.

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