I have run out of sugar and water

Standing in this abyss not knowing where to turn with no light in sight, I write this letter to you. I need you to understand that though things look bleak at this moment it won’t be like this forever.

You are phenomenal. You are a work of art specifically created, a masterpiece never to be duplicated or created ever again. I need you to know that you have the strength to do anything just get out of your way and get it done. Love every ounce of you; there is no one who will love you more than you. Your uniqueness make you beautiful, embrace it own it. You are wise and amazingly sweet, follow your heart but always carry your brain with you. You are not alone; though many have walked out of your life God said he will never leave you. In life you have always been told when life gives you lemons make lemonade! What they didn’t tell you is tht sometimes you can and will run out of sugar and water. This should be a problem for you because you have the strength and wisdom to survive. When it rains know that it is a blessing, go outside dance and enjoy the rain. Understand that it was sent to make you stronger and to give you the opportunity to dilute the lemons you have received. Just like the makes its honey, I need you to get up and make your honey; your lemonade will not sweeten itself. Embrace every opportunity given to you, take a risk, work hard and stick with it to the end ; the end result WILL be honey! Now, knowing your worth and abilities I want you to never fear any situation, sip your lemonade; reflect, revise and keep moving! Standing in this abyss I see light, finally realising that standing with closed eyes makes it impossible to see the light. I want you to walk with your eyes wide open, your head held high knowing that you are the author of your world, Write phenomenally!
With love

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