My life thread transplant was successful,
It’s all new inside.
I went back to life today the hues seem different,
I noticed the sun rose in the center.
A new day was born and our work must go on,
And we rose up acre after acre of gold, we harvested.

I’d like to hold your hand today, they seem softer.
Come with me let me share my rejuvenation,
Let me show you this place where the air is lighter.
Try me now I promise to be a new inspiration,
And if you practice I’ll be yours for ever more.
Harvest some more take until satisfaction.

I can see us now hands in hands along life rocky road,
We are perfect together new life, into extravagance we explode.
Will you accept me into your life a new page on which to write?
New canvas on which to draw, a new child to mold,
Come on over into my novelty and be reborn.
Don’t start over, build on a new foundation,
Rise up and harvest acre after acre of gold.
Copyright December2005 J.R. Thomas

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