Have I Found Myself


The sun rose at dawn
I rose along
I know myself, I’ve embraced my philosophy
I lived my dream, I was me

Then came my shadow
How it empowered me or so I thought
My worst fear surfaced, the forbidden path I was to follow
My shadow became my demon, no will left to fight
It restricted me, nothing could be done

My dreams, my philosophy, myself
They all became someone else
Unknown to their body, confusion inwards
My shadow beckoned to me,
“I’ll be your idol, you my muse.”

It moves with such grace and demeanor
I wonder, could I ever be so clever
My shadow spoke to me, “I think you should become me;
Only through this will you be free.”
I believed, I embraced, and I became me
What my shadow conjured me to be
That dark portrait on his kitchen floor
Now I hurt, secrets closed and I’d be
Be, forever hopeful they don’t wash up to the shore

The power of three pries at my frailties
To discover what my secrets be
Old Gandalf I thought sequester from reality
Now lends his shoulders, my confidant
Lend an ear you must

Time speaks once of the victor, who shall prevail
Will thy shadow remain stagnant and give birth to my demons
My confidant, will he use my secrets to enforce dominion
Can I break these manacles, I long to be free
Summon I must the strength from my foes
Is liberty a far away dream will I be blunted by these woes

Copyright January2006 J.R. Thomas

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