^This is me, post-National Poetry Month.

Seriously, all of you guys rock for watching me post first drafts of poems on my Tumblr EVERY SINGLE DAY and not un-following me. It was kind of fun! Some of the poems were awful, I think, and some of them I really kind of like. And I also love the idea that Tumblr is a place where you can go out on a limb and essentially invite people to watch you practice something, to try and fail and try again, and they’ll still like you for it.

I think I’ll probably pull some of the poems off my blog in the near future to revise & submit for publication elsewhere – but before I do that, here’s a list of links to all the poems I wrote this month.

Day 1: Permanent Press
Day 2: When You Were On Top It Never Rained
Day 3: On The Terrace
Day 4: White Nights
Day 5: The Long Hello
Day 6: Little Artist
Day 7: Stationery
Day 8: Bubba’s Sonnet
Day 9: Dream House
Day 10: A Beautiful Little Fool
Day 11: How To
Day 12: [untitled]
Day 13: The Effects Of Climate
Day 14: Double-Fan Adhesive Binding
Day 15: Prints Are Scary For Some Women
Day 16: No Award
Day 17: Apparatus
Day 18: The Searchers
Day 19: Human Coffee Maker
Day 20: If Max Waxman Were Alive Today And Had More Guts
Day 21: And All The Hours Standing Before Mirrors
Day 22: Miles To Go
Day 23: All Of My Dogs
Day 24: What The House Said
Day 25: Ommatidia
Day 26: Prey
Day 27: As I Emerged From My Tunnel, Rained On
Day 28: The Saddest Evening Of The Week
Day 29: Premonitions
Day 30: Emancipation

Bonus question: What are your favorites? If I were to try to make some of these into real live poems, which ones would you most want to see?

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