Get Sweaty

Bags packed. Neatly dressed. Today offers plenty.

Days are often brewing with intoxicants. One merely has to drive in. Responsibilities and hobbies, discoveries and disclosures, and sweet surprises. Oddly enough days can start to taste, smell, sound, feel, and look the same. There are many who are drowning and others who have chosen to float and sail. Sink or swim, you will need to keep your energy flowing and going.

” Again and again, you’ve seen that some things raise your energy level and other things deplete your energy. So here’s a reminder to get yourself as often as possible into those energy boosting situations and stay away from whatever drains you.
Sure, that is easier said than done. Even so, it bears repeating and is important to always keep in mind.
When you have a choice, as you very often do, put yourself in places, with people, doing activities that increase your positive energy. Even a small and temporary jump in your energy level can have far reaching effects.
If there’s something that gets you down, stop complaining about it. Stop complaining, and get yourself cleanly away from it.
If there’s something that makes you enthusiastic, creative and energetic, stop merely wishing for it. Go beyond the wishing and figure out how to make it a part of your life more often.
You can live an energetic and fulfilled life every day. Just make the choices, based on what you already know and feel, to put much more good, positive energy into your experience.” ~ Ralph Marston


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