Birds and Trees

I wish you would come let me hold you.
Our worlds are far apart, if you’re ready I’m ready.
Distance and time dissolves all.
Put me in your heart and I’m with you forever.
Move into my soul and be loved forever.
Are your lips sweet enough? Are your kisses true? Is your tongue patient? Will words climb through?
You are not for me. This I know is true. I will care for you as long as you need. For you know not a heart or the way to its home.
Don’t fly away my little friend, your wings are not yet mended.
I am an old tree, wise from my years in the forest and the stories of passing doves like you. Our difference could make us whole but I fear you were never interested to stay.
You can have food and shelter here. I will help with anything you need.
You will rest and awake chiming what a beautiful dream you had. I thoughtful tree who talked and cared for thee. Cared without knowing why one was broken. Birds don’t deserve love but are given such all the same.
Now sleep in my arms and dream of perfect days and awake to new adventures.

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