This Crazy Love Thing

Changes the world with A, a heartly smile, a peaking eye, a sneaky touch. a mix of things already there.

Really love isn’t very different From all the other mixes we take in mixes of lies and annoyance that create anger, or cocktails of ignorance and desire to feed lust, not so different from faith, hope, charity; Love isn’t different at all, then again everyone has their preferences.

Another thing about this crazy love thing is, Its not even a thing, You know like how humans or those mixes are things, Love is the only everything.

Zero tolerance it has for failing, it heals everyone, makes a soul a whole, not to mention all the instinct it resurrects, mostly the stupid animal ones like chasing, grabbing, fitting, longing; maybe just all the human hates about being an animal.

You see for me, Love is simply a world of change.

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